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Creamy Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake Recipe
by Rawfully Tempting

I LOVE mousse!!! Using my Creamy Mocha Mousse Cake, with some minor modifications, I created this over the top, dessert. Adding Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Extracts really punched up the taste of this baby!

There's actually a layer, in between of Raspberry Filling, made with fresh raspberries, yacon syrup, coconut oil, and Medicine Flower Raspberry Extract. The filling is the same as the dollop you see on top of the cake, however, it was absorbed into the cake and there's no visible trace to reveal this layer . Haha! I have no idea how that happened. While the Raspberry Filling may seem invisible, the taste surely isn't!!! What a great blend of flavors.

If you want a quick cheat, use a Raw Chocolate Spread, by Love Street. Yummy! It's definitely on the sweeter side, but spreads easily and leaves a beautiful, smooth, shiny coating, and since I use very little sweetener in the mousse, it complimented it well. Use this spread, add a drop of any flavor extract and create a wonderful new flavor syrup/icing.

I also swirl a few drops of this into mousse for a fudge ripple effect.

*Mention "Rawfully Tempting", (in the Shipping Comments) and Medicine Flower will send a special bonus sample with your order.