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Cookie Bake-A-Thon, Grandma’s Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe
by fitnspicy

Cookie Bake-A-Thon, Grandma’s Frosted Sugar Cookies

I saved the best and most sentimental for last! I love to make cut out sugar cookies with my grandmas frosting recipe. Since I was making 5 kinds of cookies this year I cheated and used store bought dough (shocking!) but I do still roll them out and use 6-7 different shapes of cookie cutters and then frost them.

The frosting is pretty indulgent and not organic, natural or healthy in a way but it is so good!



1. Mix Everything Together, it is is that simple! Sometimes I will add extract flavors like almond, mint or cherry but this year I went for the straight frosting.

I frost the cookies and decorate with sprinkles, just like when I was a kid at grandma’s helping her make cookies. These cookies freeze really well and taste fantastic with a big glass of milk when they are still a tiny bit frozen. Make sure to leave some out for Santa, he was known to really like them. At least at my house growing up!