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Cashew Dominican dessert! Recipe
by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

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Hello everyone!

A few days ago I shared a very Dominican traditional dessert: Redcurrant dessert! Today I bring yet another Dominican cookery classic!: Cashew dessert! All of these come from “Mama Anadina’s” kitchen, my mother in law and one of my most revered traditional cooks.

It’s very similar in its preparation to the Redcurrant dessert.

cashew dessert


Cinnamon stick.




Boil the cashews (be careful not to let them get too tender)

Once boiled, throw away that water and put them in fresh water. Squeeze them a bit, wash and throw away that water. Set apart.

In a pot add the sugar and cinnamon and just enough water to “wet them”, as it becomes a syrup, add the cashews and let it simmer until it’s well mixed and the cashews have absorbed well the flavors of the syrup. Add a bit of vanilla and turn off.

Allow to cool at room temperature.

Enjoy this very Dominican dessert and continue enjoying here, the home of Dominican cookery classics.


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