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Bengka Ubi – Cassava Cake Recipe
by Linda Tay Esposito

I was at a my friend’s baby first month party earlier this year and his mom made a Filipino cassava cake that reminded me of the Malaysian bengka ubi. At that time, the Malay name just slipped me, and Marco keeps on calling it the Tagalog name bibingka. When I finally recalled the Malaysian name, I was pleasantly surprised at how similar the Malay word is to its Filipino cousin! Of course, in Malaysia, we refer the tuber with the British word, tapioca.

My grandmother used to make this steamed “kuih” for sale, and my dad taught me how to make the kuih eons ago. I had forgotten about it until I bit into the wonderful sweet and chewy cake at David’s. I remember peeling the tubers and grating the tapioca tubers and carefully avoiding the bitter heart that runs along the tuber. I love the smell of fresh tapioca, and grating it leaves your hands tapioca smelling fresh all day.

Chef’s tip: The frozen version works just as well (sans fragrant hands!). You can find the frozen version in most Asian stores. David’s mother glazed the top with condensed milk to give it a nice golden brown topping.

1. Squeeze out excess water from the cassava. Let the strained juice sit 10 mins. Discard top clear water and add back the settled starch to the cassava.

2. Mix together all the ingredients. Transfer to an oiled pan.

3. Bake in 400F oven for 40 mins.

4. Place under broiler for a few minutes to brown the top.

5. Let cool before cutting.

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