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BBQ Rib & Pork Rub, Bourbon Mopping Sauce and Bourbon BBQ Sauce Recipe
by Drick Perry

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Happy Labor Day weekend to all . . .

I thought it would be a great time to share the recipes that I have tweaked and worked on some this past summer. It is another trio in outdoor cooking with pork – the 3 steps to insure mouth-watering ribs, shoulder roasts and even chops. I am a believer in using a rub and mopping sauce. As for the BBQ sauce, most of the time I like my ribs dry, that is, without any sauce. I think if the rub and mopping solution are working together in producing tasty and moist ribs, that’s all I need. But a lot of folks like a sauce so this is one that accompaniments pork rather well. Actually, I do sometimes like to just glaze ribs with just enough sauce to make them happy and to tell them I was thinking of it. These are different from a post that has been popular this summer for many of you, BBQ Rib Rub & Mopping Sauce. This is different in a whole ‘nother taste, not as sweet but with a savory blend that goes well with my favorite ingredient, bourbon. Maybe this post will make a few of you happy too.

As for the mopping solution, this again is an important part in cooking pork on a grill or smoker. The mopping sauce helps keep the meat moist and adds a thin layer of savory flavor while preventing dryness. This sauce has a lot going, but here again, all is necessary especially for folks like me. This is why for some of us ribs will not need a sauce; this is like a finishing baste in its own right. The acidity of the vinegar is important in helping the other ingredients and flavorings to absorb deeply into the meat. Plus, I like the somewhat tartness with the bourbon and the sweet taste of the southern barbequed flavor it gives to pork.

Like I said, the Bourbon BBQ Sauce is one to have in passing around for folks who like ribs wet, slathered in a pleasing sauce that will complement the layered flavors of the rub and mopping solution. It is a great sauce for all pork, makes a fine sauce for pulled or chopped pork and like many sauces, it is good with chicken too. Together, this is a prized trio that I am quite happy with, if I may say so myself. Enjoy!

Place the onion, garlic, Serrano if using and bourbon in a blender. Pulse to liquefy. Pour mixture into a large saucepan; bring mixture to a boil and simmer over medium-low heat uncovered for 10 minutes. Stir in remaining ingredients and bring back to a boil. Stir and simmer over medium-low heat for 20 minutes.

Note: Store in the refrigerator any that is left over.