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April In The Raw: Italian Artichoke Salad Recipe
by Iris Higgins


April In The Raw: Italian Artichoke Salad

April in the Raw is a month long collection of raw recipes from mostly gluten-free bloggers. I say mostly because I'm not positive if we all blog exclusively gluten-free, but I know that all of the April in the Raw recipes have been so. The gluten-free and raw blogging worlds often collide (or should I say, kindly nudge each other) because raw food is often also naturally gluten-free.

Of course, when I think of Easter, I don't generally think of raw foods. Well, maybe fruit salad, but that's about it. I think ham (not that we ate it growing up, but I hear that's what a lot of people eat for Easter dinner), hard-boiled eggs, Easter bread, and artichokes. Why artichokes? Well, that's what we ate growing up. Eventually we realized that my little sister didn't like artichokes, so we started incorporating other foods, but for years, artichokes were the main attraction on this holiday.

We often steamed the artichokes and served them with melted butter (how could you not like something that comes with a little bowl of melted butter?); other times we cooked them in a creamy sauce for pasta. For April in the Raw, I thought a salad would be a nice contribution to add to the amazing dessert recipes we've seen so far. So I give you a raw artichoke salad, full of oregano, basil, sundried tomatoes, and other flavors that have been missing from my diet for way too long. It's not a low-amine salad, I'll tell you that. But it's gluten-free, raw, and frankly, too good to let a few amines stop me!

Raw Italian Artichoke Salad



Stir vinegar, herbs, garlic, and olive oil (from tomato jar) together in a large bowl.

Add in the tomatoes, onion, olives, and toss well. Add salt and pepper and set aside while you prepare the artichoke.

To prepare the artichoke, juice the lemons and have the juice ready in a small bowl. You'll want to toss the artichoke pieces in the lemon juice as soon as you've diced them to prevent them from browning.

*Wash the artichoke and slice the brown end off the stem. Peel off the artichoke leaves until you reach the tender, yellow-green leaves. At this point, you can slice off the pointy ends. Cut off the pretty purple leaves and use a sharp spoon or knife to cut out the fuzzy choke. What you'll be left with is the heart, the stem, and the inner tender leaves (with the pointy ends cut off). Very thinly slice or dice all of these and quickly toss them in the lemon juice. They'll start to brown quickly otherwise! Let the artichokes sit in the lemon juice for a few minutes, then transfer them with the juice to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Toss in and let marinate for approximately 30 minutes.


I wanted to photograph the process to make this more clear, but I was running short on time. If my instructions aren't clear, you can read these instructions here, which is how I learned how to cut a raw artichoke.

Serves 4.