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#200 A Desi breakfast with a Continental Shake Recipe
by Malli

#200 A Desi breakfast with a Continental Shake

Malli's Mint and Mimosas just passed about 200 recipes today. I am no 'Iron Chef', so I can hardly believe I've made it to my 200th mark on published recipes!!. A big achievement over the past two years? 'Neh', I feel like I still have a long way to go and a lot more to accomplish on that route. The fact that there

are about 30-40 visitors to my site everyday puts a big smile on my face and I feel very fortunate that people stop by to read my thoughts. I've cherished many moments on this little space I call my own, although it has been very tedious after the demands of my daytime job, to be able to come home and work right here for you. Every time I return, I'm anxious to read each of your constructive comments, to chuckle over some, and can't wait to put up photos of the next new recipe from my kitchen. And to all of my readers- I promise to keep posting even more exciting recipes to keep your tastebuds tingling! Thank You

On my 200th post, I'm remembering my Mom, who paved my culinary journey with a pinch of advice.

Mom always said "you shouldn't leave home without a hearty breakfast". But what my Mom doesn't know is that there is no time for a 'sit-down' breakfast these days, and that I grab a quick breakfast and a smoothie to go!! Here's to you Amma - I added a small portion of Amma's Upma along with a healthy smoothie!

Upma is a South Indian breakfast in origin and it has widely spread to the rest of India. A perfect combination of fresh whole spices and onions roasted with Semolina/Rawa/Cream of Wheat in ghee. Breakfast is like a sacred ritual for me. Add a soy milk, almond milk or yogurt based fruit smoothie and it will keep me going until lunchtime without the urge to snack in between!! The Semolina can be roasted the day before or even stored in the fridge for a week. I measure a portion into a cereal bowl with twice as much water and cook in the microwave with a little salt for a fresh bowl of upma in the morning.

Vegetable Upma and Blueberry oats Smoothie

For the Vegetable Upma



1. Place a skillet on the fire and add 1 Tblspn of ghee. When the ghee is hot enough, add the

mustard seeds, red chili,followed by the cumin seeds and let them slutter and toast.

Now, add the curry leaves and lower the flame, toss in the onions and green chillies, ginger and saute.

2. When the onions become translucent, add the cream of wheat, turmeric and the rest of the ghee. Roast

this by stirring the mixture constantly until a beautiful fragrance is given out and the grains just start turning to a light brown color.

3. Remove the mixture to a bowl and place the same skillet back on the fire. Lower the fire.

4. Add the water to the skillet along with carrots, potato and salt and allow to boil.

5. When the water comes to a boil, add the roasted mixture into the water very slowly, stirring fast enough not to form lumps. Garnish with cilantro leaves. If desired add more ghee and grated coconut.


For the Smoothie

1. Place 1/2 cup blueberries in a tall container. Add honey, Soy milk and 1 Tbspn of Oat Powder.

(I may have mentioned that I keep toasted and ground Old fashioned Oats in the pantry)

2. Using a hand blender, mix together until the smoothie is frothy and smooth,

3. Serve in a glass drizzled with extra honey and enjoy.