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10/4/09 - Shrimp and Chicken Fajitas Recipe
by Carla

Today started with some big plans -first some exercise with a long walk then a trip to home depot, food shopping, etc.... then all of a sudden it was 5 pm and it was getting darker and I was still in my pajamas. So another night of plan B's. Jeremy made a quick run to grab some tortilla wraps and salsa while I marinaded and prepped the rest. With fajitas it sometimes seems that the sides really take the stage from spicy guac and refreshing sour cream so I tried to keep the base of this simple. I did a quick marinade and got the meats back into the fridge for a soak while I got my sides prepared. The rest of this meal was a fast prep - peppers and onions thinly sliced then sauteed and a black beans, tomato and red onion side.


1) Add all ingredients to hot pan and mix together